lilytauranga lily beauty&reflexology
Standard facial (about 60 minutes) $70

Exfoliation, Face massage, Treatment( MFIP・UP・EMS・LED), Facial mask

Special Facial (about 90 minutes) $150

Cleansing, Foam face wash, Exfoliation, Cleaning pores,

Face massage,Treatment (MFIP・UP・EMS・LED),

Facial mask, Lymph drainage(neck shoulder decolletage)

Special Facial + reflexology (about 2 hours) $180

We use high-quality cosmetics to perform treatments tailored to your skin.
The treatment brings out the natural beauty of the skin regardless of age.

Medium-frequency intermittent pulse with patented technology.
By outputting intermittently, muscle contraction exercise is performed and the lift-up effect is enhanced.

Delivers beauty ingredients deep into the skin.​
Insert bals, EMS, medium and high frequency are output from 9 elements at the same time.
The medium and high frequencies of 90KHz warm the skin gently, and at the same time, EMS works on the facial muscles.

Weak alternating current repeatedly flows between EMS elements, causing a pulse specialized.
A gentle wave works on the facial muscles.

We support healthy skin by treatment by LED light wavelength.




lilytauranga lily beauty&reflexologyStandard reflexology (about 50 minutes) $70

Special reflexology (about 70 minutes) $90

The soles and insteps of the feet, also known as the second heart, have the organs and reflex zones and points of the organs of the human body.

By stimulating the whole, it promotes blood flow and helps to improve the sick part of the body. And, the "good pain" peculiar to reflexology also helps to relieve daily stress.

It is also effective for swelling and tired legs.

*If you have a chronic illness or are worried about your health, please consult your doctor before making an appointment.



lilytauranga lily beauty&reflexology


 Back massage (about 40 minutes) $70


​ Head massage (about 20 minutes) $40


​ Head & shoulder (about 40 minutes) $70

Slimming Massage   

lilytauranga lily beauty&reflexology
Slimming massage upper body (about 60 minutes) $155

Slimming massage lower body (about 60 minutes) $155

Slimming full body massage ( about 120 minutes ) $285

Effect of slimming massage

・An easier way to lose weight

This treatment improves blood flow, which increases basal metabolism and makes it easier to lose weight.
If your basal metabolic rate increases, you will be able to burn calories more easily.

・Approach to cellulite

Cellulite is said to be a mass of fat cells and waste products, and it appears bumpy.
Slimming massage can reduce cellulite, which cannot be reduced easily by self-care, and makes it easier to be excreted from the body.

・Improving of coldness and lymphatic flow

By promoting the flow of blood and lymphatics the discharge of waste products is also promoted, and there is an improvement in coldness and swelling.
Coldness and swelling can also cause cellulite, so continuing this treatment will help to reduce cellulite.

lilytauranga lily beauty&reflexologySlimming massage is recommended for people who:
・are on a diet
・have problems with swelling
・have difficulties losing weight
・the surface of their skin is lumpy with cellulite
・want to tighten their body in a healthy way
・have cold sensitivity

We can not do the slimming massage if you:
・have a chronic illness
・have an allergic disease
・are injured
・are pregnant
・are menstruating

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